Dental Implant Instructions

Make sure you have read: After surgery - Patient Instructions. In addition the following information is intended to help make your recovery comfortable and uneventful.

  • There will sometimes be a metal healing cap protruding through the gum tissue; it looks like a shiny button and is normal. Do not brush in this area until instructed.  The chlorhexidine mouth rinse will keep the area clean during healing. 
  • Pressure on the implant, during healing, can cause problems. Do not eat solid food in the area of implant placement until instructed. If you have a temporary appliance and it feels like it is hitting the implant make an appointment to have it adjusted. This can overload the implant and make it loose.

Notify the office if:

  • Your medications do not relieve your discomfort
  • If you develop a fever above 99.5F
  • If you have any unusual swelling, uncontrolled bleeding or discharge
  • If you develop any changes in vision, balance.

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